Candidate service

Candidate service

Our recruitment approach is based on building long-term relationships with our candidates.

We put the highest priority on confidentiality; professionalism and business ethics are 'givens'.

All information you choose to confide to us is treated as confidential, subject to our duties to the employer.

We provide you with the most accurate information known to us and we do not withhold any information which is essential for your hiring needs, subject to our duties to the employer.

Your CV will not be sent or forwarded without prior notice for your consent. After the presentation of your candidacy we will provide you with the feedback in a timely manner at every stage of the recruitment process.

It is only when all your needs are fully grasped can we give you the best advice.

You may want to move now - we'll give you the options. You may want to wait and see what opportunities might arise, that's fine with us. You may simply want to have a well-informed and ongoing discussion about how best to take your career forward – you will find our full support. 

We want to create a long-term relationship with you so that you can discuss the state of the market, how you fit into it and how to enhance your career. 

We will not waste your time; we'll give you the options and information needed to make the right decision.